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The inevitable underlying theme around which my work revolves is a probing into the nature of belonging and the urgent human need for it.  I explore this theme through manipulation of imagery which is integral to my being; most often, the landscapes which have borne witness to my existence.  Paradoxically, the more specific and personal I have allowed my work to become, the more compellingly it speaks about universal experience.  In the same way that, if you get close enough, you can look through the tiniest window onto a vast expanse beyond, I seek to provide through the lens of personal intimacy a glimpse into the panorama of human experience.

There is a tangibility in the act of creation; time itself is woven into artworks through the meticulous consideration of the maker, giving palpable life to thoughts and ideas.  My work is a continual pursuit of this life-essence, particularly through unfolding the nuances of the process of painting.  Every painting is a meditation in search of utmost intimacy with the material and ethereal elements of the discipline–an undertaking I expect to be unending.

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